Writing Samples

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Funding Commercial Solar Projects: How to Get that Photovoltaic New Car Smell

This article was written for SunPower, a company that has been leading global solar innovation since 1985. This feature article outlines the various funding options available to finance a commercial solar installation. This piece successfully captures SunPower's "voice" as optimistic, informative, and engaging. (Click to see more SunPower writing samples.)

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Integrating Quantitative and Fundamental Research: The Art and the Science of Investing

This paper is based on an interview conducted with one of William Blair's top portfolio managers. Through a question and answer format, this piece explores the intersection of quantitative and qualitative investment styles. It takes complex investment management concepts and presents them in an engaging and accessible format. (Click to see more Willam Blair writing samples.)

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Investment Focus Newsletter

Allegiant Assetmanagement Company was a wholly-owned subsidiary of the former National City Bank (now PNC). One of my responsibilities was to revamp the company's quarterly newsletter. I worked with authors and other subject matter experts to create articles for this publication. The attached example includes an article, "Economic Crossroad Creates Conundrum," which I rewrote from the original to hit space limitations. The author had high praise for the writing and editing stating he could not tell was was cut. (Click to see more Allegiant samples.)

2015 Stepan Annual Report: Adapt - Build - Succeed

The 2015 Annual Report was published in mid-2016. I was hired to write the letter to shareholders from the company's president and chief executive officer, and its chairman. I was also responsible for the feature article, "Adapt - Build - Succeed." This piece is the culmination of 11 indepth interviews with key Stepan managers and project leaders.