Writing – William Blair

Thought Leadership, Strategy Calls, Economic Outlooks, and More

In addition to helping to develop presentation books (and messaging) for various institutional investment product, I also wrote a variety of ad hoc pieces for William Blair. Below are samples of this work.

Integrating Quantitative and Fundamental Research: The Art and the Science of Investing

This paper is based on an interview conducted with one of William Blair's top portfolio managers. Through a question and answer format, this piece explores the intersection of quantitative and qualitative investment styles. It takes complex investment management concepts and presents them in an engaging and accessible format.

Japan’s Abenomics: Promise or Reality?

The Global Strategy team at William Blair periodically conducts update calls on economic issues in the news. This paper is based on the teams analysis of Japan's economic programs. I was charged with converting the raw transcript from the strategy discussion into a more formal, edited paper.

2015 Global Market Outlook: Exploring the Growth Landscape

Each December, William Blair hosts a luncheon presentation that recaps the previous year's economic activities and looks into the next year. Following the presentation, I was charged with converting the raw transcript into a formal presentation paper. This is executed on a very tight timeline.

2014 Global Market Outlook: Navigating Tomorrow's Global Challenges and Opportunities

This outlook was unique as it was the final appearance of one of William Blair's chief portfolio managers. W. George Greig retired not long after this paper was published.