Writing – Allegiant

Newsletters, Presentations, and More

I was hired by Allegiant Asset Management Company as their go-to creative resource. In addition to helping them define the company's "story," I was also in charge of helping to rebrand their identity. While Allegiant was a wholly-owned subsidiary of National City Bank, it was run very much like an independent company with an entrepreneurial culture. You can see some of this evolution in the quarterly newsletters and presentation book.

Allegiant Assetmanagement Company was a wholly-owned subsidiary of the former National City Bank (now PNC). One of my responsibilities was to revamp the company's quarterly newsletter. I worked with authors and other subject matter experts to create articles for this publication. The attached example includes an article, "Economic Crossroad Creates Conundrum," which I rewrote from the original to hit space limitations. The author had high praise for the writing and editing stating he could not tell was was cut.  (Return to writing samples page.)

This newsletter reflects my editing and rewriting skills. It also shows some minor tweaks to the brand approach while the big revamp was still being investigated.  (Return to writing samples page.)

Allegiant Assetmanagement Company adopted images that juxtoposed nature and architecture. One of these combinations is shown in this newsletter. The idea was to reflect the company's culture of people and process. It also leveraged royalty free images that would never appear in competing material because of the unique manipulation of the photographs.  (Return to writing samples page.)

In addition to helping to write the text found in this presenation book, I also helped create the new branded look. The juxtaposed image used with the logo was carried over to the website and other marketing material as well.  (Return to writing samples page.)

Working closely with an outside designer, I wrote the simple message for Allegiant's holiday card. I also selected the image and gave art direction to creating this piece.  (Return to writing samples page.)