Videos Samples – Alphacuity LLC

Alphacuity Risk Analyzer Overview

The Alphacuity Risk Analyzer is a proprietary software tool designed to uncover the intended and unintended risk found in any equity portfolio. I wrote, narrated, edited, and produced this short introductory video. 

Alphacuity Risk Analyzer Overview - Extended

This is an extended version of the short overview video that takes a more in-depth look at this tool. As with the other videos in this series for Alphacuity, I wrote and recorded the script. I also created and implemented the storyboard in editing and producing the final video.

Alphacuity Risk Analyzer - Case Study

This video is intended to show the Alphacuity Risk Analyzer in action. Again, I wrote, recorded, edited, and produced the final video.

Alphacuity Risk Analyzer - Profile Page

The Alphacuity Risk Analyzer has a series of sections that illustrate the risk analysis of any portfolio versus a selected benchmark. This video is a deeper dive into explaining the tool's Profile Page. It explains the information presented by the analyzer. I was responsible for developing the script, recording the narration, editing, and producing the final piece.