Alphacuity LLC

Alphacuity was formed to develop and sell a software tool to analyze sources of risk found in equity portfolios. I was contracted to write, narrate, and create a series of promotional and instructional videos highlighting the tool. These videos focus on animations and motion screen captures of the risk analyzer in action.

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Otometrics - Product Promos

Otometrics provides computer-based audiological, otoneurologic and vestibular instrumentation and sound rooms to hearing and balance care professionals worldwide. For these videos, I used previously recorded video with original audio recording I recorded. Working with the staff at Otometrics, I edited these videos to match the script and storyboard developed for these product promotional pieces.

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Otometrics - Video Blogs

After producing a short, company overview video, Otometrics had hours of staff interviews that did not make the final cut for that production. I was hired to take this additional material and create a series of video blogs to post on the company's site. Because the source material was often recorded in a single, static shot, the challenge was to use a variety of editing techniques of zooming and panning to facilitate appropriate edits that imitate a multi-camera shoot.

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Camp Freeland Leslie - Summer Camp Promotions

As an active volunteer with a local Boy Scout troop, I was recruited by the Three Fires Council of the B.S.A. to join its volunteer marketing committee. One of our tasks is to produce a series of promotional videos for the council's summer camp. I was provided raw video recorded by another volunteer and created a series of short videos.

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