Video Samples – Silver Beaver Awards

Silver Beaver Award - Interview #1

Over a series of days, I interviewed each Silver Beaver Award recipient. Conversations were free-form and aimed at getting to the heart of each individuals passion for volunteerism and scouting. I used a two camera set up for each interview that lasted approximately 15 - 30 minutes. From that material, a two to three minute final piece was produced using Adobe Premiere Pro CC. The individual in this example was quite emotional about the award.

Silver Beaver Award - Interview #2

The interview with this honoree was also quite emotional. By engaging in conversation and earning trust, I was able to dig below the surface of each participant's experience.

Silver Beaver Award - Interview #3

Music selection was a big part of each segment's production. Because these would possibly be playing on the same night of the award ceremony, it was important to provide variety. Each composition is royalty free yet captures the tone of each production.

Silver Beaver Award - Interview #4

Using a two camera set up for each shoot allows for more visually engaging edits in the final segments. Simple cross-fades also help make transitions to different answers more smooth.