Video Samples – Otometrics Promos

Otometrics Product Promo - AuDX

This product promo includes a simple animation I created to re-create the cartoon shown on the actual device.

Otometrics Product Promo - Bio-logic

This video gives a quick overview and introduction the entire line of Bio-logic tools. Subsequent videos go into more detail for each specific product.

Otometrics Product Promo - NavPRO ONE

While I was provided the original b-roll video to create these promo pieces, I was also called on to do some additional post-production preparation for some of the clips. This included stabilizing some shaky footage for some of the handheld recordings.

Otometrics Product Promo - AuDX PRO FLEX

In addition to the video preparation, audio recording, editing, and final production I also created the opening and closing animations. This process began with finding appropriate, royalty-free music. I was able to find a composition that allowed me to edit to be different time lengths.