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Feature Articles, Business Briefs, Lists, and More

My work for SunPower includes traditional feature writing where I am given general topics to research and develop. These are published on the company's website and include my by-line. I have also written uncredited pieces in different formats such as "At-A-Glance" (shorter, summary information), "Business Briefs" (detailed information written in a more formal manner), "Lists" (introduction to a list of items with links to more information on each), and more. I've also provided content for infographics and other ad hoc requests.

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Funding Commercial Solar Projects: How to Get that Photovoltaic New Car Smell

This is the first feature article I wrote for SunPower. It outlines the various funding options available to finance a commercial solar installation. This piece successfully captures SunPower's "voice" as optimistic, informative, and engaging. (Return to writing samples page.)


Forecast Says There May Never Be a Better Time to Invest in Commercial Solar

This feature article adopts a weather analogy to structure the piece. It helped make the presentation more accessible and engaging. Features are encouraged to have an author's voice that reflects the core spirit of the company's optimism and helpfulness. (Return to writing samples page.)

What to Expect When You Go Solar: 4 Stages to Completing a New Commercial Solar Installation

This is an example of a SunPower Business Brief. These are designed to be a bit more formal, yet still being easy to understand and engaging. It offers a solid overview of the topic along with links to investigate more deeply. (Return to writing samples page.)

The Four Phases of a Commercial Solar Panel Installation

"At A Glance" pieces leverage longer articles to give a quick-hit overview of a topic. This example was distilled from the business brief on the same topic. It still presents essential information, but in less detail. (Return to writing samples page.)

7 Types of Renewable Energy to Support Commercial Sustainability

SolarPower "Lists" are created to present information in a reader-friendly (easy to scan with the eye) format. This list outlines different types of renewable energy sources with supporting links for more information. While SunPower promotes solar energy adoption, these articles are designed to be industry agnostic. The goal is to become an trusted information resource. (Return to writing samples page.)

Curated Articles

SunPower strives to be an information resource for people wanting to know more about renewable energy sources-- like solar energy. The company is constantly scanning the internet in search of interesting articles on renewable energy and related topics. The following are the introductions to these curated articles that I wrote. The goal was to create an interesting snapshot of each piece that would entice the reader to go to the original article to learn more. In the end, this approach helps establish SunPower as a destination resource for people wanting up-to-date information about solar power and other renewable energy sources.

Business and Climate Change: How Companies Are Taking the Lead on Sustainability

This article plugs a feature published on TIME's website. (Return to writing samples page.)

How to Benefit from Sustainable Business Practices (Without Greenwashing)

An article published by Forbes is the focus of this curated work. It outlines the importance of honest marketing of corporate sustainability efforts. Making your organization sound more eco-friendly than it really is (greenwashing) comes with consequences. (Return to writing samples page.)

The World Energy Outlook Through 2060: Three Scenarios to Three Different Futures

This challenge introducing this piece was that it was not a traditional article. Recapping a study that is hundreds of pages long required a great deal of care. (Return to writing samples page.)

Is Fossil Fuel Divestment at a Financial Tipping Point for Energy Investors?

The Guardian published an article that argued we may be at a point where the benefits of "going green" are financial as well as ecological. (Return to writing samples page.)

Getting the Word Out on Sustainable Business Practices Can Win Customers

Inc. online says proper promotion (marketing) of sustainable business practices can lead to a more profitable bottom-line. (Return to writing samples page.)